TechnoGeek Laptop & Notebook Sales



STARTING AT $899 - Included FREE $75 Windows Setup Service. WORKSHOP - Data Transfer Service Only $95.

We can provide you with any laptop that is on the market (EXCLUDING APPLE/DELL) unlike the shops that carry a few models of each brand. You will get the same warranty as any laptop bought from a retailer only with us you get a personalised service. Same people everytime you need to deal with and we are not just sales people but also technicians so we can answer any questions you will have in regards to what we sell and we sell you what is best suited to you, NOT what makes the most commission. We also will setup your laptop with all the programs needed to help with your day to day usage.

When you first turn on a laptop you are required to setup windows, create a microsoft account and do many more things and you will have none of your old data on it. We will setup your windows and create a local account not requiring a microsoft service and we will customise your windows and remove all the unrequired manufacturers software as well as the option to install quality pc protection.

All for the same price as a laptop from the retailers that you have to setup yourself and is not customised.

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