FREE with Repair


Software Diagnostics
Troubleshoot software issues

Hard Drive Diagnostics
Read & Write Hardware Tests

R.A.M. Diagnostics
Tests Each Module for Issues

Motherboard Diagnostics
Diagnose Motherboard Issues

Graphics / Sound / PCI / USB

Visual Inspection
Search for Blown Capacitors

$Fixed Fees


Virus Removal
Viruses / Malware / Rootkits

Screen Repairs
Mac / PC / Laptops

Data Backups / Recovery
Recover from bad drives

Part Replacement
Motherboards / Peripherals

Format & Reloads
OS / Windows / Linux

Upgrades / Tune-ups
Software and Hardware



Virus Removal
Viruses / Malware / Rootkits

Network Setup / Repair
Home & Business Networks

Business Setup
P.O.S / Workstations / Servers

Build / Setup / Maintain

Data Backups
Onsite and Offsite Backups

Printers & IT Devices
Setup / Repairs / Diagnostics

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Our computer repairs services include laptop repair, pc diagnostics, laptop screen replacement, laptop screen repair, computer upgrades, tech support for all desktop and laptop computers.

In most cases we can provide “Same Day” computer repair and laptop repair services. We cover from Strathpine to North lakes and Surrounding Suburbs. All at a very affordable price.

Our business premises are located in the middle of Kallangur at 1438 Anzac Ave. (opposite LJ Hooker) Only minutes from Mango Hill.


“I have problems with my graphics card”
“Screen is blank”
“I’m running out of space on my hard drive”


“My computer shuts down intermittently”
“Computer has a virus, keeps redirecting me”
“Random power-off”


“My computer will not stay on”
“Windows doesn’t start at all”
“PC is plugged in but no lights are on”
“Bang and Smoke”

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  • Desktop Computer Repairs and Upgrades
  • Laptop Repairs
  • Custom Built PC Repair Specialist
  • Virus Removal and Data Recovery
  • Windows Upgrades and Optimisation
  • Slow Computer Specialist
  • Technology Training and Consulting
  • Australia Wide Remote Support
  • Monitored Protection Services
  • Free Basic Computer Diagnosis
    (10 minutes - no hardware servicing)
  • Low Labor Rates
  • 35 years experience in IT Support and Computer Repair
  • CT Certified Computer Teacher and Technology Coordinator for 25 years

Technogeek Computer Repairs is Mango Hill's Computer Repair Specialist and the first choice for personal computer desktop and laptop repair services in Brisbane North.

We specialise in computer repairs, computer tune-ups, upgrades, virus removal, laptop repair, laptop screen replacement, slow computer repair, PC optimisation, operating system upgrades and much more.

Email us for more details on how we can restore your computer and get it running as good, if not better, than the day it was purchased.


“Custom Built Systems to suit your needs.”
“Optional 5 year warranty.”
“Latest technologies and quality parts.”


“Drive Imaging and Backup Services.”
“Forensic Mobile Data Services.”
“Mobile Phones, Desktop and Laptop.”


“Malware, Spyware, Ransomware, Trojans, Viruses”
“Guaranteed System Protection.”
“ONLY $15 per month with NO contracts .”

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Complete Computer Support

We can all appreciate a computer that’s in good condition. But sometimes things go wrong. Your computer can gradually slow down over time. Parts can stop working.
Technogeek can repair your computer and remove your frustrations.

In addition to repairing computers, we also perform a variety of other computer services - from web design, PC Protection and remote support, to server configuration and computer training.

Come visit our premises in Kallangur or give us a call today to discuss your computer situation.

Speed up Your Old Computer

If your computer is feeling more and more sluggish after every Windows update, old hardware can be the issue. Upgrading your computer’s RAM, or switching your old hard drive to a solid state drive (SSD), is just what it needs to feel like new again.

In-Shop Computer Repair

When you bring in your computer to be repaired (no appointment necessary), our first priority is to find the source of the problem. That’s why we perform diagnostics first. We then contact you to discuss options.


“Data Recovery Services.”
“PC Tune Up Services.”
“Email Setup Services.”


“Windows 7 Upgrades.”
“Windows 8 Repair.”
“Windows 10 Install and Repairs.”


“Onsite Home and Business.”
“Business Premises.”
“Insurance Quotes & Reports.”

Technogeek IT Services and Support

Technogeek Computer Repairs Mango Hill offer all your IT services at one easy location. We can help you with any of your IT issues. From any windows issues to diagnostic services, from upgrades and new pc sales to virus clean and tune ups we are here for you.

We service and repair all makes and model laptops excluding apple

Our staff are fully trained in all facets of IT services. With our Business premises at Kallangur and our workshop at Kallangur we have the capacity to help you with any of your IT needs. Over 55 years experience and over 15 years servicing locals with all thier requirements.